Ditte Bjerregaard (she/her) 1990, is a Danish anthropologist, researcher and director of the nonprofit organisation Center for Violence Prevention

In 2019 she founded Center for Violence Prevention (CFV) a non-profit organisation with a vision to end gender-based violence. CFV aims to expand collective knowledge on violence and power relations while developing innovative support for victims and providing education and training for professionals. The following three projects exemplify her work:

Education and positions:

Grant Committee Member:
Fundamental Rights Initiative (FRi)

Recharging Advocacy for rights in Europe:
RARE (2022-2024)

Editorial Member:
Kvinde Kend din Krop (2022/dato)

Advisory Board Member:
Kvinder gør Modstand (2021/dato)

University of Copenhagen,
MA in Anthropology (2015-2019)

University of Lund,
BA in Anthropology (2014-2015)